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Gluhwein Cosmo


Requirements: fresh lime juice and ice (to shake).

Designed for our winter menu at Brozen Bar, the Gluhwein Cosmo hits the perfect balance of festive indulgence and cool refreshment. From the Buffalo Trace distillery comes Wheatley Vodka, a sumptuous and versatile cocktail base, paired with Cointreau and finished with Gluhwein – our take on a mulled wine syrup.

Simply chill, shake with ice and fresh lime juice then serve with an orange peel. Preferably studded with cloves for the full festive treatment.

Serves 10.

Fresh Lime Juice: £3.50

Want everything ready to hand? Buy a bottle freshly squeezed lime juice. Simply chill, shake and serve. 20cl (10 serves). Available only for local delivery and collection. Use within 3 days.


Wheatley vodka, Cointreau, Gluhwein syrup, Brozen Bitters No.4



Unit Volume



70ml + 20ml fresh lime juice

Serving Suggestion

Chill, shake with ice and fresh lime juice and serve with an orange peel.


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